When Kent State’s President Todd Diacon announced that all in-person classes would be moved online, students began to panic.

And it hasn’t stopped.

Sports have been canceled or suspended, businesses and restaurants have closed and classes have gone remote at almost every college in Ohio, including Kent State.

The coronavirus…

Junior cross-country runner Joshua Allen said that he always knew he wanted to do athletics in college, he said, “I think it’s every little kids dream to go D1 but I was never sure if I was good enough.”

More times than not, high school athletes don’t find themselves verbally…

Students today are more concerned than ever before with how they’re going to pay for their college education. A 2012 report from the institute for College Access and Success says that 71% of all students graduating from four year colleges had student loan debt.

Many of these students are wondering…

Chelsea Panin is a 23-year-old senior at Kent State University. She was diagnosed with POTS (Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) early on in her high school career.

With the POTS came many different symptoms. School and life started getting harder to deal with.

Growing up, Panin was very involved in…

Growing up in Avon Lake, Ohio, Brad Hamilton says his first memories of baseball are listening to his father, Tom Hamilton, on the radio and recalling the ways his older brother, Nick, taught him the game.

“I always thought I was going to play. Obviously now at my age I…

The Women’s Center at Kent State, also known as the Williamson House, is known for its willingness to serve the students, faculty and staff of Kent. March is Women’s Month and the Women’s Center at Kent State is hosting new events to celebrate.

The newest project the Women’s Center has…

Nicole Bienvenue

Kent State Journalism. Class of 2021

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